#Interpol is looking for the main suspects in the theft case at Astana LRT #Kazakhstan #RedNotice

February 1, 2021

Former deputy governor of the capital of Kazakhstan Kanat Sultanbekov and head of Astana LRT Talgat Ardan, who are involved in the case of embezzlement of funds in Astana LRT, are still on the international wanted list, said Sergei Perov, head of the second department of the Kazakhstan anti-corruption agency.”The…
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#Malaysia to issue #Interpol #RedNotice for ex-#Macau triad boss, Wong Kuok-koi aka “Broken Tooth” – Dimsum Daily

February 1, 2021

Malaysia to issue Interpol Red Alert for ex-Macau triad boss, Wong Kuok-koi aka “Broken Tooth” – Dimsum Daily
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#Interpol Extradites #Kuwait Woman Convicted Of Real-estate Fraud | Kuwait Local

January 31, 2021

INTERPOL extradited to Kuwait a Kuwaiti woman who was sentenced to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor and a fine of KD 70 million, after being convicted of real-estate fraud, reports Al- Seyas…..
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#Interpol detained ex-owner of Baltic Bank in #France | EN24 World #RedNotice

January 29, 2021

Interpol detained ex-owner of Baltic Bank in France | EN24 World
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Use #Interpol’s ‘Virtual Academy’ for learning during Covid-19, CBI tells state police departments | Hindustan Times

January 23, 2021

Interpol’s newly-launched virtual academy will have over 100 self-paced courses and modules for the law enforcement agencies.
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Man escapes country with toddler daughter, #Interpol search begins | Hindustan Times

January 23, 2021

Yellow Notices are issued by the Interpol on the request of member countries to locate missing persons, while Red Corner Notices are a global request to arrest an absconder.
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The Gambia Government Intensifies Manhunt for Suspected Cocaine Trafficker Banta Keita with International Bench Warrant as #Interpol Issues #RedNotice – Gambia.com

January 17, 2021

The Gambia Government Intensifies Manhunt for Suspected Cocaine Trafficker Banta Keita with International Bench Warrant as Interpol Issues Red Notice – Gambia.com
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#Iran asks #Interpol to arrest #Trump over killing of ex-military chief #Soleimani #RedNotice

January 5, 2021

On January 3, 2020, on Trump’s instructions, the U.S. Army killed Soleimani with a rocket attack near Baghdad airport.
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January 3, 2021


#Assange #Extradition #RedNotice

Murder of a woman in #Germany: #Interpol in the process of identifying HELAS #Greece

January 3, 2021

Murder of a woman in Germany: Interpol in the process of identifying HELAS
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