Alleged Multiple Murderer Wanted by Interpol is Held in Dubai

Emirates 24/7 on May 1, 2012 released the following:

“Multiple murderer wanted by Interpol held in Dubai

Dubai Police has arrested a South Asian who is wanted by the Interpol as he is charged with six cases of murder, extortion and robbery in his home country, India.

The man allegedly worked as a car mechanic and visited Dubai frequently.

According to General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director-General, CID, Dubai Police, he entered the country in March and lived mostly in deserted houses. His compatriots allegedly helped him with food and money.

Dubai Police was on the look out after receiving his extradition papers.

The police coordinated with the Ministry of Interior to arrest him. he will be extradited to his home country.

Two female drug dealers arrested in Dubai

Two African female drug dealers who managed to skip airport customs in other countries were seized separately in Dubai, with one hiding costly cocaine in her hair and the other concealing heroin in her shoes.

Customs inspectors at Dubai airport caught the two in April after receiving information by the emirate’s counter-drug squads that two African women might be trying to smuggle narcotics through Dubai.

The first women, a 25-year-old Kenya, arrived from Argentina on April 4 and Dubai airport female inspectors noticed an unusual bulge in her hair.

When they asked her about the bulge, the woman said she was using a special hair glue but the inspectors were not convinced.

“When they looked into her hair, they found 10 plastic rolls inside hair curls….they contained nearly 360 gm of cocaine which is known to be very expensive compared with other drugs,” newspapers said, quoting Major General Abdul Jalil Al Asmawi, head of the counter-narcotics department.

He told newspapers that the woman confessed she had received the stuff from a female South African friend who lives in Argentina. “She said she was asked by that woman to deliver the drugs to a man in Johannesburg in return for a sum of money,” he said, adding that the woman has been referred to the competent authorities in the emirate.

The other woman, 28, arrived in Dubai on April 17 and attracted the attention of customs authorities by her confused behaviour, Asmawi said.

He said the woman had come from Faisal Abad and was heading for Nairobi, adding that around 205 kg of heroin were found concealed in one shoe and 198 gm in the other. He said the woman told police she had received the stuff from a Nigerian friend residing in Pakistan and that she asked her to deliver the drugs to a man in Malawi who was to meet her at a hotel. “She said she agreed to do the job in return for 50 bags of rice.””


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