INTERPOL sets the record straight concerning cooperation with US law enforcement

INTERPOL on April 23, 2012 released the following:

“LYON, France – “Whether it’s organized crime, narcotics trafficking, terrorism, or any other area of criminal activity, the increasing sophistication and power of criminal syndicates calls for a response from those who are pledged to uphold the law and protect society from the hardened criminal. And this is the work of INTERPOL,” President Ronald Reagan (1985).

The following corrects false rumo[]rs published by on 19 April 2012 and attributed to US Senator Rand Paul.


  1. During 2011, US law enforcement was able to identify 10,000 people trying to enter the country on invalid or fraudulent passports after screening INTERPOL’s databases 180 million times. The screening of these passports occurred in compliance with US law.
  2. INTERPOL’s US National Central Bureau located in Washington, D.C. is staffed 100 per cent by American law enforcement officers. All are subject to and obliged to comply with US law, which prevents them from arresting US citizens or seizing their property based on any INTERPOL-issued documents.
  3. In 2009, President Barack Obama reinforced immunities granted to INTERPOL by President Reagan and endorsed by President George W. Bush. Currently five staff members from the INTERPOL General Secretariat Headquarters work in the US. All are assigned to represent INTERPOL at the United Nations offices in New York on terrorism and transnational crime matters.
  4. None of these INTERPOL staff members, however, exercise any law enforcement powers in the US. None are armed and none are protected by diplomatic immunity under the 2009 Executive Order.
  5. Malaysia’s Home Minister has confirmed that INTERPOL had no involvement in the arrest of a journalist for a speech-related offense at the request of Saudi Arabia. INTERPOL’s constitution prohibits its involvement in any matter of a political or religious nature such as criminal charges brought for criticizing a Head of State or for blasphemy.
  6. INTERPOL does not have arrest powers in any of its member countries and has never issued arrest warrants.
  7. INTERPOL has not authorized the circulation of either Egyptian national arrest warrants or INTERPOL international Red (wanted persons) Notices for Americans recently engaged in political activity in Egypt as falsely reported on and attributed to Senator Rand Paul.

As for the old rumours misrepresented as news in this disturbing article, the National Rifle Association (NRA) discredited them in an official statement back in 2010 when it reminded its members that ‘rumors abound, so don’t believe everything you read.’

INTERPOL would encourage anyone interested in learning the truth about INTERPOL’s powers in the US to read the NRA’s statement on the issue.”


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