New Interpol rules compromise fight against cyber crime on April 13, 2012 released the following:


The fact that Interpol can only be of assistance in cases involving 6,000 Euros (P60,000) and above, has the chief of the fraud unit at the Botswana Police Service, Superintendent Chifana Toitoi, worried that it will compromise their work against cyber criminals in Europe.

He said that under the new rules, many locals who are swindled by syndicates based in Europe have nowhere to report.

He noted that most of the cases reported locally involve monetary values below 6,000 Euros. He said that the commonest figure is P50,000. “As you might be aware, the purchasing of cars, motorbikes, computers and trucks have all of a sudden shifted to the United Kingdom for some unknown reason. For us to follow suspects, we have to follow diplomatic channels using Interpol.

Most of the time we fail to get results from the concerned countries, especially Europe, as Interpol has said that they can only get involved in cases involving 6,000 Euros and above,” he said.

He revealed that from 2011 to date, his office has received nine cases involving cash amounting to P777,000.

Toitoi explained that in all the cases, local individuals and companies ordered various goods such as cars, motor bikes, trucks and computers from Europe through bogus companies. He advised members of the public to do thorough research before making any transactions with European based companies.”


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