Burkina Faso leading West Africa’s fight against trafficking and counterfeits

INTERPOL on February 29, 2012 released the following:

“Secretary General praises policing efforts in first visit to country

OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso – In his first ever visit to Burkina Faso, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble praised the ‘outstanding work’ of the national police in taking a leading role to combat child trafficking and the escalating problem of fake medicines.

Burkina Faso police led the INTERPOL-supported Operation Cascades in November 2010 which resulted in the identification and rescue of more than 100 suspected child trafficking victims, including from illegally operated gold mining quarries where many had been subject to violence, sexual abuse and deprived of food, shelter and medical care.

In November 2011, Burkina Faso took part in the INTERPOL-led Operation Atlantique, aimed at combating counterfeiting across Western Africa and which saw the seizure of fake goods worth 1.5 million dollars, this success followed the results achieved during Operation Cobra just one month earlier. Cobra, a regional operation coordinated by INTERPOL targeted counterfeit medicines across Western Africa, resulted in the seizure of more than 10 tonnes of illicit and fake medicines and more than 100 arrests.

Most recently, Burkina Faso took part in Operation Cocair 3 aimed at disrupting the trafficking of drugs from South America to Europe via Africa, which saw the seizure of more than 500 kilogrammes of drugs and the recovery of cash totalling two and half million euros in 25 airports across Western and Central Africa and Brazil.

During his mission to Ouagadougou, Secretary General Noble was presented with the Order of the Medal of Honour of the National Police by the Director General, Paul Sondo. Accepting the honour on behalf of the global law enforcement community, Mr Noble pointed to the significant achievements of the Burkina Faso National Police under the leadership of Mr Sondo which should serve as a model for other countries in Africa and across the world.

“Under Director General Sondo’s command, Burkina Faso has been extremely active in combating all forms of transnational crime, particularly in the fight against fake medicines and trafficking in stolen vehicles,” said Secretary General Noble.

“It is thanks to the professionalism and abilities of the Burkina Faso National Police and the National Central Bureau in Ouagadougou, that many lives have been saved and hundreds of criminals put behind bars, and on behalf of the world police community, I commend their outstanding achievements,” concluded the INTERPOL chief.”


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