Police, Interpol hunt for Johan Kotze

Johan Kotze
Johan Kotze

The Mercury on January 9, 2012 released the following:

“Police, Interpol hunt for fugitive

Mercury Correspondent

THE search for the man suspected of murdering a Pretoria student and allegedly orchestrating the gang-rape and mutilation of the boy’s mother, his estranged wife, has widened and Interpol is now involved.

A nationwide search, which has now been extended throughout Southern Africa, was launched following last Tuesday’s horrific attack in the Limpopo town of Modimolle.

Police confirmed yesterday that they had enlisted Interpol’s help with trying to locate Johan Kotze, 50, who carries Namibian and SA passports.

It is believed that Kotze, who is from Gobabis in Namibia, still has strong family ties there as well as potential business ties to Botswana and several other southern African countries.

He had previously worked as a sheriff in the Northern Cape and was a sheep farmer in the Free State. It is understood he had been in contact with family members and friends for help in hiding from police, although some friends have distanced themselves from him.

A farming friend from Bloemfontein said he could not bring himself to think about what had happened.

“Whatever friendship we had is over,” he said referring to the “bad things” Kotze is accused of doing.

A source outside the police, said Kotze had been in contact with at least one person from Modimolle, apparently seeking financial help. But he had been denied it, with the threat that the person would go to the police.

Investigating officer Lieutenant-Colonel Malisela Mohale confirmed that the international policing agency had become involved in the investigation a day after the attack.

“While we strongly believe that he is still in the country, we cannot rule out the possibility that he may have skipped the country,” he said.

Police spokesman Briga-dier Hangwani Mulaudzi said that members of a task team were following up on good leads and were hoping for a breakthrough soon.

The woman who was raped and assaulted is being treated at a Pretoria hospital where a friend said she was doing well under the circircumstances.

”It is difficult. She is seeing a psychologist who will be helping her to deal with this trauma,” the friend said.

Although the victim cannot be identified, she has given permission for her husband to be named, according to the police.

The attack occurred when the woman was lured by Kotze, from whom she was estranged to his rented home to discuss their divorce.

Once there, three men whom Kotze had apparently hired were allegedly forced by him to rape the woman and mutilate her.

A step-daughter who was also threatened, was taken to a place of safety.

Police are calling for the men who were allegedly hired by Kotze to commit the crime to come forward.”


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