Murder of Saudi diplomat: Interpol told to share information with Pakistan

Online – International News Network on October 17, 2011 released the following:

“ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik Sunday called upon the foreign governments to share information regarding assassination of a Saudi diplomat in Karachi with Pakistan as it would help curb terrorism.

Talking to media persons after a meeting with the Azad Jammu ad Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister, Chaudhry Majeed at his residency here in the Minister’s Enclave, he said that he had already urged the Interpol Secretary General in writing that any country having information or clue about the incident should share it with the government of Pakistan.

The interior minister said, “We have to find out as how many other people were targeted by the same pistol used for shooting the Saudi diplomat and who is behind the killer.”

The officials of Pakistan have gathered some information and made some headway into the investigation but at this stage it should not be shared with media, he added.

He said that sharing information would not only help Pakistan to bring culprits to justice but would also assist in war on terror.

It is pertinent to mention that Hassan al-Khatani, a Saudi diplomat was shot dead by unidentified persons in Karachi in May this year and according to some reports certain countries have some information about the incident.

To a question, the interior minister said the government is ready to hold dialogue with all including the elements in Balochistan for peace.

Turning to political scenario in the country, the minister said that a judicial commission should be constituted to probe corruption in ‘Sasti Rooti’ project in Punjab. He said protests by Nawaz Sharif are not for the welfare of people but for lust of power. The minister said protest would never help people as Pakistan Peoples Party is doing its job in a better way.

“The PML-N should focus on eradication of dengue virus and focus on proper spraying for protecting people and it should never go for protest aiming at diverting people’s attention,” Malik said.

He appealed to Sharif brothers to hold talks for eliminating corruption, saying that, so far, they couldn’t implement the accountability bill and if they have another option in their mind they should come up with another solution for ending maladministration and corruption.

Regarding meeting with the AJK prime minister, he said Ch. Majeed wants development work in AJK. “He requested for establishment of some airport facilities in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and I vowed to support him his demands,” he further said.”

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