Canute Siripalan Pieris (a.k.a. Gunnie Pieris) Whom a INTERPOL Red Notice was Issued by the Sri Lankan Courts was Arrested in Chennai Airport on August 30, 2011 released the following:

“By T. Farook Thajudeen.

A suspect on whom a red notice was issued for his arrest allegedly for importing Dionial Chloride to Sri Lanka was under arrest at the Chennai Airport by the Interpol recently.

The CID said they were discussing with the Interpol to bring down the suspect Canute Siripalan Pieris alias Gunnie Pieris on whom a red notice was issued by the Sri Lankan Courts for arrest.

The CID who initiated investigations on an alleged case of importing Dionil Chloride for a factory in Kosgama for the alleged reason of manufacturing toys found that it was imported for the manufacture of a toxic drink.

It was suspected that the chemical was imported to Sri Lanka to be used for chemical weapons to use against the forces during the civil war.

However, later it was found that the chemical had been imported to manufacture a toxic drink. The CID investigations revealed that the king pin behind the entire episode was this suspect and a red notice was issued for the arrest by the courts. In the meantime he was arrested by the Interpol at the Chennai Airport when he attempted to enter India.

Sri Lankan authorities are discussing with the Interpol to bring down the suspect to Sri Lanka to face the charges against the suspect in the Sri Lankan courts.”

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