Guatemala Requests INTERPOL’s Assistance in Argentine Singer Murder Investigation

INTERPOL on July 13, 2011 released the following:

World police body asked to help trace international leads in Facundo Cabral killing

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala – Guatemalan authorities have asked INTERPOL for assistance in tracing international leads as part of their investigation into the murder on July 9 of Argentinean folk singer Facundo Cabral.

In a meeting in the country’s capital on Tuesday, Interior Minister Carlos Menocal thanked INTERPOL’s Secretary General Ronald K. Noble for his visit which provided Guatemala with an opportunity to formalize their request for assistance in carrying out an in-depth investigation into the killing of the 74-year-old singer.

“The evidence we have gathered appears to indicate the act was committed by organized crime groups operating in the region, so we have given instructions to the Director of our Policía Nacional Civil to work in coordination with INTERPOL,” said Minister Menocal.

Mr Noble’s discussions with the Director of the Policía Nacional Civil of Guatemala, Comisario General Jaime Otzin, focused on false identity documents, phone records, names, fingerprints and DNA profiles linked to the murder which could be shared with INTERPOL for checks against the organization’s global databases.

In order to ensure that all leads can be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, Comisario General Otzin said he would support INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) by providing additional resources to enhance its capacity to fight transnational organized crime, already proven by its role in locating and bringing back to Guatemala prominent fugitives from the country’s justice system.

In offering the Organization’s full support to Guatemala, INTERPOL Secretary General Noble assigned the head of INTERPOL’s Regional Bureau in San Salvador, Saul Eliezar Hernandez Lainez, to coordinate all material and information relating to the Facundo Cabral murder investigation.

“The Guatemalan authorities should be commended for their decision to make the widest possible use of INTERPOL’s global network which demonstrates their commitment to identifying and bringing to justice all of those connected to the murder of Facundo Cabral,” said Mr Noble.

“It is only by comparing information against both national and INTERPOL’s global databases that investigators can be sure that they have access to all the information they need, and we will continue to work closely with the Guatemalan police as they conduct their enquiries,” added the head of the world police body.”

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