Enhancing Police Cooperation Focus of First Ever Visit to Ecuador by an INTERPOL Secretary General

INTERPOL on July 12, 2011 released the following:

“QUITO, Ecuador – INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has met with senior police and government officials in Ecuador in the first ever official visit to the country by a head of the world police body.

The mission by Mr Noble recognized the work of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in Quito which provides the crucial link to ensure that the National Police of Ecuador can access INTERPOL’s global tools to combat transnational crime and for national law enforcement officers to benefit from training offered by the world’s largest police organization.

The INTERPOL chief recognized NCB Quito and the National Police of Ecuador as world leaders in fugitive apprehension, pointing to their strong contribution to INTERPOL’s Operation Infra-SA (International Fugitive Round-up and Arrest – South America) earlier this year.

“Ecuador has repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to regional and global policing as shown by the role they played during Operation Infra-SA which has resulted in a number of arrests across the world of dangerous internationally-wanted criminals, taking them off the streets and protecting the public from harm,” said Secretary General Noble.

During the mission, Secretary General Noble met with Homero Arellano Lascano, Minister of Coordination for Security, Dr José Serrano Minister of Interior, and Commandante General, Gral. Ing. Comm. Patricio Franco Lopez and other senior government officials to identify areas for enhanced collaboration and cooperation between INTERPOL and Ecuador in combating organized crime.

Ministers Arellano Lascano and Serrano offered to provide INTERPOL and police officials from countries in the region with state of the art training and capacity building facilities as part of Ecuador’s millennium educational initiative. Secretary General Noble agreed that police in Ecuador and the region could benefit from INTERPOL’s launching advanced police training as part of Ecuador’s millennium educational initiative.

The mission to Ecuador is the first in a tour of the Americas by the Secretary General, who will also make first-time visits to Guatemala, Honduras and Belize where he will meet with top policing and government officials.”

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