INTERPOL Americas Conference Highlights Need For Innovation and Cooperation to Tackle 21st Century Crime

INTERPOL on July 6, 2011 released the following:

“ORANJESTAD, Aruba – For the Americas to effectively tackle the evolving threats from organized and transnational criminals, law enforcement must continue to adapt and look towards its global partners, the region’s police chiefs heard on the opening day of the INTERPOL Americas Regional conference.

With cybercrime, human trafficking and money laundering high on the agenda, identifying ways to address the borderless nature of 21st century crime is a key issue for the three-day meeting (6-8 July) which brings together more than 70 senior law enforcement officials from 32 countries and three international organizations.

Addressing the conference, Aruba’s Minister of Justice and Education Arthur Dowers said that no country could consider itself immune from any type of crime and that Aruba was fully committed to working with INTERPOL and each of its member countries.

“Not only law abiding citizens use the opportunities presented by globalization, but criminals and criminal organizations also willingly make use of it.

“Countering these organizations, which is one of the primary goals of the international community, will only be accomplished if we are willing to reconsider many of the existing collaboration strategies and create more effective and efficient transnational law enforcement networks,” said Minister Dowers.

Welcoming the delegates, Commissioner of Police Adolfo Richardson said: “Aruba is very honoured to be able to host such a prestigious conference where executives, policymakers and other representatives from different organizations from the region and other parts of the world are gathered to unite in the fight against crime, are united in the desire and effort to intensify the cooperation between the law enforcement organizations of our region.”

INTERPOL President Khoo Boon Hui said that the Americas conference provided the law enforcement community with a powerful platform for closer and more effective coordination and collaboration.

“The recently concluded General Assembly of the Organization of American States declared crime as the public enemy number one.

“Given this expression of strong political support, we must now work collectively as a law enforcement community to further strengthen the safety and security of this region and help it achieve its immense economic potential,” concluded President Khoo.

An important step in boosting the regional capacity is the new operations room in the INTERPOL Regional Bureau in Buenos Aires which will host INTERPOL’s second Command and Co-ordination Centre (CCC), providing operational support to police regionally and globally in initiatives and operations.”

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