Curaçao plans to reinforce border protection through direct connection to INTERPOL databases

INTERPOL on July 5, 2011 released the following:

“WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao – Enhancing global law enforcement to combat transnational crime was a key issue during a series of meetings between Curaçao’s leaders and INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.

Following the INTERPOL chief’s discussions with Curaçao’s Governor Frits Goedgedrag, Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and Minister of Justice Elmer Wilsoe, direct access to INTERPOL’s global databases will soon be installed at Curaçao international airport before being rolled out to other border control points throughout the country.

The installation of the technical solutions developed by INTERPOL will enable law enforcement officials at key border points to instantly establish if a person is attempting to enter the country on a fraudulent travel document recorded in INTERPOL’s Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database, which currently contains more than 28 million entries from 158 countries.

Secretary General Noble said the decision to work even closer with INTERPOL was a clear sign of Curaçao’s commitment to the safety and security of both citizens and visitors.

“With more global travel than ever before – nearly two and a half billion international air passengers in 2010 alone – the need to screen travellers and their documents against INTERPOL’s global databases is clearly a vital yet simple security step that countries can and should make,” said Mr Noble.

“Curaçao’s decision to join those countries which have put this system in place is to be welcomed as another important link in a global chain reducing the ability of criminals and fugitives in their attempts to avoid detection and capture,“ added the head of INTERPOL.

During his two-day mission (4-5 July) to Curaçao, his first as Secretary General, Mr Noble also met with Attorney General Dick Piar, Chief Commissioner of Police and Head of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau Willemstad, Richenel Theophilo Meulens, in addition to visiting the national Police Academy.”

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