Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Gathers FBI and Interpol Brass in Sofia

Standart News in Bulgaria on June 30, 2011 released the following:

Salzburg Group lends shoulder to Bulgaria for Schengen entry

Bulgaria’s vice PM and Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov has invited top reps of the FBI and Interpol to Sofia. The participants in the Salzburg Forum accepted the invitation and agreed that their experts will take part in a regional conference on cyber security and cyber crimes in Southeastern Europe. The conference will be held in Sofia in October. Heads of target units in charge of cyber crimes issues in Southeastern Europe, reps of Europol, Interpol, SECI Center, Council of Europe and FBI will attend the event. In Sofia, they will discuss the possibility for the enhancement of interoperability of the member countries in fighting cyber crimes and building up direct contacts on expert level between the Salzburg Group participants, Southeastern Europe and their strategic partners of Russia and the USA.

During the session in Kitzbuhel, all participants expressed support to Bulgaria and Romania regarding their Schengen entry. The participants also supported the appointment of a concrete date in September for the two countries’ Schengen accession.

“Bulgaria and Romania are reliable partners and they have the capacity to guarantee the security of the EU external borders,” the delegates were explicit.

“There is no need for additional conditions bearing in mind that all requirements for Schengen membership have been fulfilled,” Poland’s stand read.

Poland is the next country to take over the Presidency of the EU. Poland is explicit that Bulgaria’s and Romania’s accession to the Schengen zone will be a leading priority during its EU Presidency.

Before the Salzburg Forum Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov presented the priorities of Bulgaria’s cabinet for the second half of 2011. They are focused on three spheres of cooperation – that within the European Union, on regional level and with third countries. Continuity of positions coordinated in the EU is the accent as well as development of the initiatives of the Salzburg forum as for example preparing of agreement on witness protection.

Cross-border enforcement of penalties for traffic violations – one of the initiatives of the forum, will be the main topic at the meeting of the working group on traffic safety. It is expected the meeting to take place on November 3-4.”

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