Boost to Police Training in Arabic Countries with Agreement Between INTERPOL and Naif Arab University for Security Sciences

INTERPOL on June 29, 2011 released the following:

“RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – A cooperation agreement between INTERPOL and Naif Arab University for Security Sciences will provide a new platform for the provision of law enforcement training for Arabic countries and beyond.

The agreement came into effect during a five-day Police Training and Development seminar in Riyadh attended by 19 law enforcement officials from nine countries which focused on providing an overview of current training structures and using participating countries’ experiences to address problems and identify new initiatives in developing police training.

Signed by University President Professor Abdul Aziz S Al-Ghamdi and Ahmet Eren of INTERPOL’s training unit, the new cooperation agreement will ensure the widest possible implementation and access to INTERPOL’s training resources throughout the region, notably in specialist areas including Trafficking in Human Beings and Drugs and Organized Crime.”

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