INTERPOL and Polish Police Seize 18 Stolen Vehicles

INTERPOL on June 9, 2011 released the following press release:

“INTERPOL and Polish officials have seized 18 high-value vehicles that had been stolen from EU countries in a three-day operation along Poland’s eastern border region.

Thousands of vehicles were examinated at checkpoints in a bid to identify stolen cars and help dismantle the criminal organizations that are active in Poland, which is both a transit and final destination country for motor vehicles stolen from western Europe.

Checks against INTERPOL’s database of stolen motor vehicles, Poland’s national database and those of car manufacturers showed that the 18 cars had been stolen from Belgium, Germany, UK, France and Latvia. In addition, officials seized numerous car parts originating from other stolen cars.

Organized by the INTERPOL bureau in Warsaw, Operation Last Border took place from 17 to 19 May 2011. It comprised 25 task force members from INTERPOL’s General Secretariat, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK who worked alongside Polish police and specialized vehicle crime officers.

Last Border was the 6th operation supported in the last two years by INTERPOL’s Task Force on stolen motor vehicles. INTERPOL’s database of stolen motor vehicles contains more than seven million records submitted by 129 countries.”

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