INTERPOL Removes 40% of Red Notices Against Wanted Venezuelan Bankers

Approximately 40 percent of the Red Notices the Venezuelan government requested from INTERPOL, to assist the national police forces in identifying or locating several fugitive bankers, have been suspended, according to an interview made by Venezuelan newspaper Panorama to police commissioner Nolberto Simancas, the head of Interpol’s office in Caracas.

The Red Notices have been suspended due to INTERPOL’s belief that the ongoing investigation against the bankers is directly related to political persecution. A Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant, but it does notify member countries to assist in identifying and locating such persons, with a view towards arrest and extradition.

The Venezuelan newspaper said that at least 20 people investigated by the Attorney General Office for allegedly committing crimes of embezzlement and misappropriation have requested the suspension of the international search.

Bankers favored by the suspension include Pedro Torres Ciliberto, Sr. and Jr., Nelson Mezerhane, Gonzalo Tirado Yépez and Eligio Cedeño.

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