INTERPOL’s “Pink Panther” Project

Police officers from 27 countries working on cases related to the “Pink Panthers” group of jewel thieves came together in Dubai this week to share ongoing investigations and successful arrests.

The 5th Working Group on the Pink Panthers took place earlier this week and brought together more than 65 investigators working on cases linked to the Pink Panthers, a name given by INTERPOL to describe the loosely-aligned groups of criminals who target luxury watch and jewelery shops in armed and non-armed raids.

INTERPOL’s Pink Panthers project aims to assist law enforcers to identify, locate and apprehend perpetrators by centralizing data on the crimes and criminals, analyzing the information, and building networks of investigators, such as through the working groups. This sharing of information and data enables investigators to make links between countries that might not otherwise be noticed.

Through the work of the investigators, arrests of 36 members of the Pink Panthers were made last year.

In the past year alone, INTERPOL’s member countries have reported 31 new cases linked to Pink Panthers, bringing the total number of robberies to more than 270 across four continents since 1999, worth in excess of $407 million dollars (300 million euros).

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