INTERPOL Participates in Europe-Africa Conference to Address Mediterranean Crimes

The need for integrated international policing to address the external dimensions and global implications of trans-Mediterranean crimes was the motivation of a Europe-Africa conference held under the aegis of the Italian State Police.

The three-day conference, which concluded yesterday, brought together public security chiefs from European and African countries, the head of INTERPOL, and top officials from other international organizations and agencies, including Europol. The aim of the conference was to provide a collaborative platform for elaborating joint strategies against transnational crimes linking Europe and Africa, including human and drug trafficking and terrorism.

Migration was a key theme of the conference, with a focus on cooperation and coordination between European and African authorities to combat transnational crimes.

With as much as a quarter of the cocaine consumed in Europe transiting through West Africa, the region faces new issues related to drug violence. The resulting instability impedes progress towards fostering sustainable peace, stability and prosperity, with law enforcement implications for Europe and the international community.

INTERPOL is anticipating playing a central role in the efforts between the continents.

Under the aegis of INTERPOL, in March 2009 Italy and Nigeria signed an agreement to strengthen their police cooperation and enhance their capacity to combat human trafficking, people smuggling and transnational organized crime. The agreement saw Nigerian police officers posted in Italy work alongside their counterparts at border posts, ports and international airports, and use INTERPOL’s tools and resources such as its Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database to establish broader criminal links between individuals arrested.

For a complete reading of the press release issued by INTERPOL, please click here.

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