Interpol Issues Global Alert Against Former President of Tunisia

At the request of the interim Tunisian government, Interpol has issued a global alert for the arrest of Tunisia’s ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his six relatives.

Ben Ali and his family members are wanted in Tunisia on charges of alleged property theft and the illegal transfer of foreign currency. Ben Ali was in power for 23 years.

Pressed by months of violent riot and protesting demonstration, Ben Ali fled Tunisia January 14. His wife Leila Trabelsi, also in the wanted list, reportedly fled to Dubai, taking a massive amount of gold with her.

The move to have them arrested comes as Tunisians await the announcement of a reshuffle of their transitional government.

Tunisians are fed up with the government, as thousands of protesters have been demonstrating daily to demand ministers linked to the Ben Ali regime be dismissed. Many of those same officials are now in charge of investigating the former president and his associates.

The global alert issued by Interpol requires its 188 member countries to assist in the capture of Ben Ali and his relatives, if located within their borders.

If the reports are correct and Ben Ali has fled to Saudi Arabia, a member country, officials within the country must comply with the Interpol alert.

View Interpol’s notice here.

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